MARGINAL STAMPS • International Rubber Stamp Exhibition

R U B B E R  S T A M P  A R T
25. 01. - 23. 02. 2020 in Junín
Buenos Aires, Argentina 

In 2018, HOTEL DADA published 2 issues devoted to rubber stamp activity: HOTEL DADA 12, entitled RUBBER STAMP ART, an large theoretical approach about the theme, and HOTEL DADA 13, RUBBER STAMP ALBUM, an anthological volume which It includes the original stamps art of several international artists. Now, beside the opening a new physical space, we are proud to introduce an international exhibition of rubber stamp. We hope these exhibition constitutes a contribution to the dissemination and recognition of the art of rubber stamps.


A n n e g r e t  H e i n l   
Cologne Cathedral rubber-stamped  2020

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