Performance • Ostrava

s t r i n g s   a t t a c h e d

18. 05. 2015, 19 pm

PLATO - Ostrava City Gallery
A platform for contemporary art

Gong Multifunctional Hall
Dolní Vítkovice, Ruská 2993
Ostrava-Vítkovice / CZ

A n n e g r e t  H e i n l     •     h a n s  w.  k o c h     •     J a n  S t e k l í k

The title of the performance is derived from the english expression no strings attached, which means: Doing something for someone without asking for anything in return.
A large space, supported by columns. During the performance, strings are woven between the columnes, horizontally, vertically, diagonally, in all possible directions. The strings also produce sound, gentle, pulsating, growling, thundering, amplified through attached contact microphones. Gradually the whole space becomes one extended instrument. The movements of building it simultaneously translate into its sound.

Annegret Heinl born in Bonn 1946. Engaged in visual arts since the 60s. First exhibition in 1989. Since the middle of the 90s cooperation with Jan Steklik in exhibitions, projects and activities, also with Karel Nepraš and Ben Patterson. Development of ideas and concepts, its realization in pictures, objects, environments, performances, and workshops. Usage and employment of new media and techniques in order to try possibilities of interactive interplay between a visual and auditive representation and to involve it into her work. International exhibitions and projects in Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Tunisia, USA ...

hans w. koch (cologne), is active as composer, performer and soundartist. he considers art sculpting thoughts in different materials and personally favours conceptual approaches: more thought, less material. exploring (de)faults of soft- and hardware results in the use of computers as musical instruments in a rather physical manner. his works have been commissioned by and presented at numerous festivals and occasions both nationally and internationally. in 2008 his piece "the benchmark consort" won an award of distinction at the ars electronica festival in linz/austria. during spring semester 2007 he was teaching composition and experimental sound practices as visiting professor at the california institute of the arts, los angeles. since 2012 he teaches hybrid sound composition at the institute for music and media in duesseldorf. for the summer semester 2015 he is invited to teach as guest professor at the academy of media arts in cologne.

Jan Steklík born in Ústí nad Orlicí /Czech Republic 1938. Crusader school of pure humor without wit. He exhibits continuously since 1960. Crusader school of pure humor without wit, Galerie Fons, Pardubice/CZ 2013 // Jan Steklík & Karel Nepraš, Annegret Heinl, Helena Wilsonová, Městské Muzeum, Česká Třebová/CZ 2013 // Membra Disjecta for John Cage, MuseumsQuartier, Wien/A and Center for Contemporary Art, Prague/CZ 2012 // Kották, Magyar Mühely Galeria, Budapest/HU 2012 // Scores for every opportunity, Galerie Fons, Pardubice/CZ 2011 // Selection by Chance, Galerie Milana Zezuly, Brno/CZ 2011 //  1Věž - 4Věžníci / 1Turm - 4Türmer, Neustädter Rathaus, Prague/CZ 2010 // Hermész Füle, Millenáris: Teátrum, Piros-Fekete Galéria, Budapest/HU 2010 // Štvorvýstava, Municipal Gallery, Bratislava/SK 2009 // Stopy ohně, House of Art, Ostrava/CZ 2009 // Triennale National Gallery, Prague/CZ 2008 // Umění hry, Gallery of Modern Art, Hradec Králové/CZ 2007 // Karel Nepraš and friends, House of Art, Zlin/CZ 2007 // Nesting, BWA Galeria Awangarda, Wroclav/PL 2005 //