Na houby / for John Cage

Ausstellung / Exhibition
6. 9. - 13. 10. 2012

An international collective art exhibition reflecting the influence of the works of John Cage
on the contemporary visual and sound art scene. The exhibition will include an intermedia and multimedia event - The Movement-Sound-Space Festival 2012
Annegret Heinl shows S(w)inging Line, video installation
A thick orange rope laying on the floor ends in a closed box with a screen on top cover. There a video represents an orange line starting slowly to swing, changing permanently in shifting rates, being even multiplied and starting over again in a loop. Music purpose-composed for this reason by Chao-Ming Tung  is added to the video. Picture and sound form an unity correlating the visual and aural message, now as a differentiation and then as mutual impulses.


5. 9. 2012, 5 pm Gottfrei and 7 pm bývalý Divadelní klub

Czech - TV
12. 9. 2012, 10.10 am
v i d e o

The Prague Post

The Czech Republic's English-language newspaper

Milan Gagnon, posted September 12,  2012

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